About Us

Healthcare is a sector which will develop parallel with the welfare development of a nation. For the developing countries like Indonesia, the demand for the better healthcare service arise which have to be answered by providing better healthcare service supporting by better healthcare equipment or medical instrument and its service and maintenance including sparepart and consumables.

To anticipate this, we develop our company in the field of medical equipment and laboratory instruments including environmental health equipment.

We active in promoting the goods we represent to the government sector project as main business activities. As additional, we also serve yhe private sector accordingly. We provide our customer with good quality products abd service while concern with the efficiency. We love the business on healthcare equipment and laboratory instruments, assisting our customer since planning, obtaining, operating and maintaining their equipment to make sure cutomer have confidence in dealing with us.

License / Certification

In order to meet and fulfill the requirements in doing business in the medical equipment field, we always trying to complete and update our license and certification. Thanks alse to our principals for the support and commitment on this.

Show Room / Workshop / Service and Warranty

We have a show room in the office for customer to see our activities in one quick visit.

For the equipment we sell, we are ready to provide after sales service, we do have qualified service engineer to do so. We are able to provide installation and training to the user. We provide spare part and accessories (supplies) to make our customer work more smooth and fast, and we always concern with the cost-effectiveness when doing this service to be customer friendly.

We also try to participate and send our personnel if our principal organize factory training or regional training for distributors in terms of product knowledge and service repair training. We are willing to do it, so our personnel will be able to serve our customer better and to give our personnel confidence in handling the instruments.

New / Distribution Coverage

To cove the large area with many islands in Indonesia, we have currently use our branches and dealers trough-out Indonesia, to distribute our products and maintain them as well. For greater Jakarta as Indonesia capital city and surrounded (JABODETABEK) with population around 20 mio, we cover it directly from our own Office Building by putting dedicated sales force for each part of Jakarta.